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When it comes to the short game (chipping and pitching) there is no way around one or more wedges. With lofts (angle of inclination of the hitting surface) between 46° - 64°, the right tool is offered for every situation around the green. In a golf outfit 2 - 4 wedges of different lofts are common. As a rule of thumb, the gradation between the individual wedges should be between 4° - 6°, which makes a constant length difference of about 15m for full golf shots. Wedges are available in different alloys and surfaces. Softer alloys extend the contact time and produce a little more backspin, while the standard alloy promises the best durability and wears out less quickly. The bounce angle (inclination of the sole) of a wedge determines how much the club penetrates or pushes away from the ground on contact (much divot vs. little divot). The wedge is often played with a steel, unlike the rest of your racquet set - the favorable attributes of the graphite shaft, such as increased ball flight and club head speed, have little or no relevance to the short game. The steel shaft, on the other hand, is more direct and delay-free, which is an advantage for bunker shots and chips / pitches from dense semi-rough.