Titleist Scotty Cameron 2007 Catalina Classic Limited Edition Putter RH 34''

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Its lineage is undeniable. Its design, timeless. The 2007 Limited Release Catalina Classic is just that, a classic with features that are always in style. Like images of yachtsmen piloting wooden ships into Catalina Island’s Avalon Harbor, this putter embodies the refined spirit of golf’s yesteryear. Inspired by the Catalina and Catalina 2, the Catalina Classic blends style and heritage for a milled putter of regal beauty. Its double bend stepless shaft-over setup, heel and toe weighting, and single flange sightline inspire confidence with looks as much as feel. The Charcoal Mist finish not only provides a sleek, glare-resistant appearance, but also long-lasting durability for the 350g carbon steel head. Wrapped with a soft leather stitched grip and accented with gold and off-white paintfill, the Catalina Classic proves—yet again—that the classics are always in Fashion.


Loft: 4°

Lie: 71°

Length: 34"

Head Material: Carbon Steel

Grip: Soft Leather Stitched

Finish: Charcoal Mist

Paintfill: Gold & White


Schlägerart: Putter
Schaft: Stahl
Hand: Rechtshand
Länge: 34''

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