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The choice of the ball has an important meaning in golf. "Today I play this ball, tomorrow I'l play another one", we unfortunately hear very often in this context. Since the ball is the only part of the equipment involved in absolutely every golf shot, we can only advise against this attitude. The differences in golf balls are so great that playing different balls has a negative effect on the consistency of your golf game. A ball can have a different number of layers. We speak here of 2-piece up to 5-piece balls. Several layers usually mean a softer feeling at the moment of impact, which is especially noticeable in the short game. Besides the number of layers, the compression plays an important role. The lower the compression of the ball, the greater its deformation. Accordingly, we recommend a softer compression for a low swing speed in order to achieve a higher stroke distance. For players with a higher club head speed, we recommend a ball with a harder compression so that the deformation of the ball does not have a negative effect on flight characteristics.